Energy, Focus, Gas

Before seeing Dr. Cori I felt like crap. I had low energy, gassy, dizzy, could not focus, and just overall not good.  I feel much better now.  My body is responding really good, and my quality of life is much better!

Ivan R


Before coming to see Dan I could not put my coat on or getting dressed the pain was too bad.  I could not close a car door.  I had so much pain it was hard for me to do everything normal.  Now I can put my coat on and get dressed.  And I can do everything and not have much pain

Hot Flashes

Before I came to HealthPoint I was experiencing very severe night sweats and hot flashes waking me up several times a night.  Now the symptoms have completely stopped!  I am feeling so much better.

Terri Ann

Pain, Sleep Problems, Low Energy, Weight Issues

I had really bad knee pains, could not sleep, did not rest, was overweight, and had very low energy levels.  I had very bad shoulder problems and was just very unhappy overall with my body.  My bones were very weak and broke easily.  Since starting the program my knee pain is gone, I sleep longer hours, and am well rested.  I have lost weight, and continue to do so.  My energy levels are through the roof.  I can go back to playing basketball happily, how I used to.  It is fun to play basketball again and I am enjoying again as I used to.

Manuel C.

Energy, Weight Loss, Hemorrhoids, Sugar Cravings

At the age of 22 I never thought hemorrhoids, overweight, and fatigue would be a problem.  My energy was very low.  I would eat anything I came across.  Sweets were always hidden somewhere in my house.  I needed a change for my health and also for a brighter future.  6 weeks in on the program and no signs of hemorrhoids.  I have lost about 8 pounds.  I am eating a lot healthier.  My sweets turned into peanuts and fruits.  I have made a commitment and I am glad I did.  Energy has skyrocketed and now I even jog and bike.  Two things I would not even have energy for.  Not only do I feel better, I have seen improvement and excited for what more is in store.  Thank you Daniel and Dr. Cori!

Michael-age 22

Digestive Health

For several years I suffered from regurgitation.  I would experience the most awful chest pains which radiated to my lateral neck into my throat and arm.  The cardiologist ordered the most extensive cardiac evaluation with questionable results.  I was very limited in what I could eat, when I would eat, ect.  The medications were not helping me.  Since coming to Dr. Cori, I am eating everything, any time as my heart desires without getting those awful chest pains.  I am following to the best of my ability all of Dr. Cori recommendations.  I am not gaining or losing weight.  I feel energized and like a new person.  Thank God for Dr. Cori management of my health crisis.

Evelyn-age 76

Stomach Issues

I came to see Dr. Cori after many family members told me of their great success stories and how she has helped them.  I always had stomach issues; bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting, but only lately they became more of an issue.  I would never know if something I was going to eat would bother my stomach and have me running to the bathroom.  It would not matter if it was new foods or something I had eaten before.  I would never know how or if I would react or really how my stomach would react and that was the worst part of it.  This could happen at the most inconvenient times.  It was a life of uncertainty.  After about a month of coming to see Dr. Cori for the initial response testing and taking the prescribed supplements and listening to her food suggestions I have to say I have not felt this good in a long time.  I have lost about 5 pounds.  I have had no issues with what I have been eating, no constant gas in my stomach, and going to the bathroom regularly is something that is a new thing for me, but a good thing.  I wish I would have found out about this sooner, but so glad I am on the road to a better way of life.  Thank you Dr. Cori for making my quality of life so much better in such a short time.  I can’t wait to see how much better I feel in the months ahead.

Susan D- age 55

Weight Issues, Stress, Sleep Issues

Before coming to HealthPoint I was not doing well mentally and physically.  I was overweight and stressed.  I even got hemorrhoids from outside foods and terrible food decision making.  Followed by a hard time to focus and sleeping at night.  My second week, I felt changes.  Crazy how it may sound, my energy went up.  I started doing my food journal, it helped me make healthier, smarter decisions when it came to food.  It became easier to say no to processed foods.  HealthPoint helped me physically and mentally.  Hemorrhoids are gone, I even sleep with out a problem.  I even lost some weight!  I will recommend the Nutrition Response Testing to everyone.  Dr. Cori and Daniel are amazing mentors and doctors.

Michael C.

Painful Period

I have suffered many years from painful periods.  At first I took copious amounts of advil/aleve (2 advil every 4 hours or 1 aleve every 5-6), which worried me, so then I went on birth control for two years.  A month after starting this nutrition program I went off the birth control, and I noticed that I no longer had the severe pain anymore.  I do have some pain every month, but it is completely manageable without the use of any sort of pain reliever.  Furthermore, I have been on this program for over a year and have not taken a pain reliever for anything since then.  We do not even keep them in the house.  I know that this program is the reason for that.


Dizzy Spells

I used to suffer from debilitating dizzy spells.  When I went to the doctor they found that it was vertigo/I had crystals loose in my ear canals.  The doctor also gave me pills to take for when the vertigo hit.  This is not genetic, and there was no logical reason why I should suffer from vertigo, so I was confused that this was happening to me.  Once I started the nutrition program and started cutting out the sugar in my diet, I noticed that the frequency of the dizzy spells decreased until they eventually stopped.  It has been a year of successfully sticking to the nutrition program, and I have not taken the medication again because I have not had any dizzy spells!


A happy skeptic!

I am a sixty-year-old male, suffering with high blood pressure, severe eczema, and allergies that were also effecting my eyes. I attended the workshop. First, I was skeptical. After listening to Daniel’s presentation in its entirety, I decided to sign up.

Since I signed up with HealthPoint Nutrition and started using the food supplements I feel tremendously better. I have not felt this good in several years. I went from a skeptic to a believer. Joining the program was the best decision I made.

Psoriasis, Weight Loss, Depression

Before I came to Dr. Cori I was always feeling down, depressed and I was suffering from Psoriasis that covered most of my body. I was losing faith and self-esteem in myself with every day that went by. Also after having my 2 kids I had put on a lot of weight and was fighting to lose it but nothing worked. Until one day my husband's boss referred me to Dr. Cori and told me what her program was about and I jumped at the opportunity.

Since being on Dr. Cori's program my skin as gotten a lot better I haven't had any new Psoriasis break outs, I've lost almost 15 pounds, I don't feel down all the time; I actually enjoy going out and enjoying myself with friends and family. I'am so grateful and thankful to Dr. Cori because without her I have no idea what I would have done.

Kerryann A- Age 28.

Constipation, Depression, Insomnia, Neck Pain, Weight

When I first came I was very depressed, eating too much and eating the wrong things. My hair was falling out, I wasn't sleeping and I was very constipated. I also had terrible neck pain every day.
Now I feel so happy. I have lost 20 pounds! I feel amazing! I sleep 8 hours every night and my neck feels great. My hair all grew back also. And most importantly I go to the bathroom normal every day.

Nancy M - age 36

Allergies, Depression, Pain

I came to see Dr. Cori in July 2008. I suffered from allergies, pain in my joints, bruising, depression and nodules on my thyroid. Dr. Cori tested me and told me I had a virus in my spleen.
She gave me the supplements I needed, I immediately started taking them and within 1-2 weeks I started feeling better. Each time I went to see her I got better and better. Being a nurse no one was more amazed than me. I no longer needed my allergy medication which I was taking for 20 years. I eventually weaned myself off all my medication and I haven't had a problem since. I started making better and better food choices with Dr. Cori's guidance. The best part is that I lost 25 lbs without even trying. I would highly recommend Nutrition Response Testing for everyone. 
Janice O. Age 52

Pain, Medication

After falling and fracturing two ribs, I was prescribed Percocet for extreme pain, but the medication literally made me out of it. Coming to see Dr. Cori, in just 2 days the nutritional supplements relieved the pain and pressure, and I no longer needed the Percocet at all! Before, I could not even tolerate contact at the site of pain. Now, I just feel discomfort, but not severe pain now that I'm on a nutritional support program. Though uncomfortable, I no longer need pharmaceuticals!

Dianne S

Headaches, Women's Health, Colds,Flu

I had unpredictable periods and frequent headaches, which had taken me to multiple specialists in recent years. At the time I went in to see Dr Cori, I had no idea what additional steps to pursue.
I still get headaches, but they are predominately related to extreme lack of sleep during the school year. On the positive side, although I do catch a bug here and there any colds or coughs have been of much shorter durations in the past year. Also for the first time, I can actually predict my cycles, which is helpful in many ways.

Stephanie H

Women's Health, Headaches

I had terrible cramps right before my cycle started, but now I feel much better. This month, I realized that I had no pain whatsoever! Also, I had headaches, especially when using my cell phone. Now, sometimes I'm about to get a headache, but it just fades away instead of turning into a full-blown headache!

Amy L. age 33


I used to have headaches twice a week on average and stiffness in my neck and shoulders every day. My energy level was pretty low and I felt bloated almost after every meal and suffered from diarrhea. Also, my skin was kind of rough and with several bumps. After one week from the treatment I felt different (but in a good way). No headaches and a surprising ability to focus and staying concentrate. The weeks passed and no headaches. Beyond the supplements, Dr. Cori told me that I should not eat sugar and wheat; I was intolerant to fragrances and very sensitive to chemicals. When I heard that I thought: No more sugar, wheat, and no more perfume!? Regardless, I felt so much better that now I rarely eat wheat and sugar and my bloating problem is almost gone. I never thought that the foods that we eat every day can affect our lives so adversely, and I was not sure that I would be able to give some of them up. After feeling the incredible difference I found that eating in a different and better way is definitely worthwhile.

Francesca L  age 35

Fatigue, Depression, Sugar Cravings

I was really in a bad place, down in the dumps. My downfall was sweets and chocolate. Not exercising, I had no energy and eating a lot of sugar. I felt crappy. Dr Cori came just in time to save me. I feel 100% better. I no longer crave sweets and am eating much better. I have energy and I am exercising!

Marilyn S  age 65

Breathing, Constipation

I couldn't breathe all the way, couldn't catch my breath. I had all the tests: ultrasound EKG. I had constipation for two years. In ONE week of supplements I can breathe OK now! Also, my constipation is gone.

Penny C  age60